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S4E4 - Ice Fishing Knots

In this episode Ole joins the show to talk about what types of knots are good for ice fishing and when to use them. 

Its the first week of November 2020 season 4 episode 2.  Jeff and Jason Talk about new 2020 ice fishing gear.  Also an interview with a ice fishing le...View Details

It's the last episode of the year (unless we change our mind) Jeff and Jason talk about putting your gear away for the ice fishing season.  The legend...View Details

Jeff and Jason talk about ice fishing lure color, and how fish see color.

Jeff and Jason are joined by Dave and Ole to talk about the 21st annual hard water invitational held at Lake of the Woods in Canada.   Dave teaches us...View Details

In this episode of the Hard Water Fishing Show Jeff and Jason are on location, fishing on lake Mille Lacs in Jeff's Hard Sided Shack. No fish were cau...View Details

In this episode of the hard water fishing show Ben from Midwest Taxidermy answers taxidermy questions.  Jason talks about the new gear he got for Chri...View Details

Jeff and Jason talk about the St. Paul Ice fishing Show, interview Drake from Ice Auger Machines and a legend about a Blankie.

Jeff and Jason talk about ice conditions, keeping your hands in your pockets, and a two wheel drive truck.

Jeff and Jason talk about first ice and two different legends about guys named Thor.

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