Jeff and Jason talk about the St. Paul ice fishing show, tip ups and the legend of the non-ice fisherman.


St. Paul Ice Fishing Show


I went to the St. Paul ice fishing show Saturday December 2nd.  It was a mad house, it was hard to get through the isles and even worse to checkout. But I still had a great time.  My favorite things about the show are checking out the more rare ice fishing gear.  Along with checking out the gear I love talking to the people who invented the gear. Below is a list of my favorites.  I even came home from the show with a few of the items listed.


Bait Up



This is small and fits in your pocket but holds a scoop of minnows.  Both the top and bottom come off and are leak proof.  When you tip it on its side it will seperate the minnows from the water so you don't have to go digging for the minnows in a huge bucket.  This would be great for a day of fishing  but my guess is that minnows would not last in here long term.  You can take the bottom off and put it in an ice hole to get more water for your minnows.  I thought this was really cool and the only reason I did not go home with it was the lines were to long to checkout.  I am hoping to pick one up soon.


Snow Dog


 The snow dog is a sled that you dont ride on.  This thing has a 13hp motor and will pull you and your ice shack around the also.  Its kind of like a snowmobile without a place to sit. The price in this seems pretty reasonable. Check out the website for more information.

 R-TEC Claw Tip Up


 I liked this tip up so much I bought one at the show.  It holds everything inside so you dont get tangles.  I cannot wait to try this one out.



 Not sure of the name of this or the website, but I got one at the show.  It was super cool, cant wait to cook with this on the ice.

Otter XHT Pro Lodge


 This was my favorite hub style shack at the show. I am hoping to get one of these this year.  Its insulated and looks like a great shack.

Frabil Bro Side Step

Bro Side Step


This is a frabil Bro sidestep 2 series.  I like the side doors and the size is really nice.  If I was getting a sled style shack this is the one I would get.

Rokon Bike


 This is the cool all terain bike Jason talked about in our podcast.  Looks cool.

Rambo Bike


 This is the Rambo bike that Dave Genz told me he used this year.  He put studded tires on it for the ice.  It also has an electric motor to help you pull out your gear and get through the snow.  On the website it says a charge will go 19 miles.























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