Episode 5 features Jeff and Jasons favorite walleye lures and our first guest.   The rookie, Steve, talks with Jeff about his first ice fishing experience. This episode got a bit longer than I wanted but we had a ton to cover.



Fishing Report



Got out last weekend with my brother in law Brian and caught a few fish.  Here is a picture of a nice walleye he got.


Lake Osakis

Got a report from my brother that the ice on lake Osakis was good for walking. But no fish were caught that day.


Current Events

 We talked about current events in the show.


Ice Depth

The ice depth on the lakes is still pretty sketchy.  Multiple reports of people going through the ice around the state.  Remember to be safe on the ice and get some ice picks.




Brian "Bro" Brosdahl

Talked to Brian "Bro" Brosdahl at Cabela's in Rogers this thursday December 21st.  He was great and we are looking to have him on the show later in the season.  


Gear Update


This cooker did not get my deer brats cooked.  Maybe it was because I was outside. I am going to try it one more time before I give up on this contraption.


Small Strikemaster Bait Cooler

I got this last year but it only worked ok.  The seal froze up on me.



Walleye Lures

Jason and I listed out our favorite walley lures.  Here are the ones we talked about



#1 Glow pirch buck shot

#2 Chubby Darter

#3 Stop Sign JR tackle

#4 Dead Stick with bobber and red hook

#5 Tungsten jig with waxie



#1 Northland Tackles Forage Minnow

#2 Buck-shot spoon

#3 Chubby Darter

#4 Swedish Pimple

#5 Rapala Jigging Rap

#6 Colored Hook

#7 Glow Jigs






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