Jeff and Jason talk about ice fishing reports, current events, gear and the legend of the ice fishing trout.  


Kids Fishing

We talked about taking your kids out fishing.  Here is a few pics of my last trip with the kids.  We did not catch any fish, but we had a great time playing outside.


kids_fishing_clam.jpg kids_playing_outside_ice_fishing.jpg


walleye cakes

walleye_cakes.jpg sauce.jpg

I made walleye cakes for my Christmas appatizer with the family.  You can find the recepie on the minnesota bound site.  I did not plan ahead very well and ended up not chilling them over night.  They certainly looked home made.  It was a lot of work but they were pretty tasty.  The sweet Thai chili sauce really made them great.  I also served them with tartar sauce.  But I for sure preferred the chili sauce.


Brian ‘BRO’ Brosdahl

I talked with the 'BRO' at Cabelas in rogers this past week before christmas.  We talked about the UV glow jigs and ice safety.  We are planning on having him on the show in the future.


custom ice picks

We talked about these in the show.  Every year on our annual hard water invitational we make gadgets.  A few years ago Ole made these custom ice picks.  Luckily I have not had to use them to get out of the water after I broke through the ice.  But I did use them last weekend as our ice this year has been pretty sketchy.


Here are a few pics of my custom ice picks by 'OLE'

Jeff_Custom_ice_HWI_spike.jpg custom_ice_spike_close_up.jpg

UV Glow Jigs

I got a few of the UV glow Jigs from northland tackel.  I have not tried them out but I like the pirch color and the 'BRO' recomended gold. 

Here are the jigs, I have not tried them out yet.

uv_glow_perch.jpg uv_glow_gold.jpg



We talked about trout fishing, the elusive trout. 



Next Week

Next week we will be focusing on pan fishing and spring bobbers.  

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