Jeff and Jason talk about pan fish lures and tactics and the story of the time when Ole's dog froze his tender bits to the ice.

Two Story Fish House

Jason and I both saw this video on a two story ice house being towed on the ice.  This ice house is the craziest thing I have ever seen.  It is two stories and takes a plow truck and a tow truck to get it out on the ice.

Here is a link to the video


Pan fish Discussion

We talked about the proposal to limit the number of pan fish.  Here is a link to the page with all the ice fishing pros and their opinions on the idea of reducing limits.  There is a ton of information that may change how you fish.


The site is also really cool.  I think i need to spend more time here.



We talked about my new ice shack, and that it had 900 deneir think canvas.  Basically this is the size of the thread.  The higher the number the thicker the thread and the more durable.  Here is some more information about denier.

Warning this is pretty geeky.


Clam Nanook

We talked about Jeff needing a new ice shack and maybe getting a Nanook.  This is also the shack Jason already has.  This is a great two man light weight shack.




This is the clam garage.  A hub you can park your car in.  This thing is huge.  


Escape Ice Thermal

This is my new ice shack.  Its thermal and its huge.  Going to get it on the ice this weekend. 



XL6000 TC

Considered this ice shack for my next shack.  But only the roof is insulated.



buddy heaters filters

If you use a 20lb tank on your buddy heater, get a filter.  They are cheap and will sove your buddy (heater)





Legend of the Dog

Jason told the story about the time that Ole's dog binsford froze his tender bitz to the ice.

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