Jason and Jeff talk panfish tactics and the legend of the bike.

Fishing Report


I was out on Pelican Lake in Wright county and everyone was fishing for pike.  After trying a few places I went home without icing a fish.  I did see a few pulled in by near by anglers. There was a ton of people out on the ice.  A few people were out using sails and snow boards to surf across the lake.  






Lake Minnetonka

I was out on lake Minnetonka with my son and managed to catch a few sunfish.  It was a great day to be out.  The fishing was slow but we managed to catch a few on tungsten jigs with wax worms.






I purchased a small baitup and have been using it.  It works pretty well but it did freeze up on my when I was on pelican fishing without a shack. Overall I would recommend it.




The show topic this week was panfish. Jeff and Jason's favorite tactics. 

Working Transitions

Working transitions from shallow to deep is a great way to find panfish.  Also look for transitions from hard bottom to a weedy bottom. You can find visual queues on shore such as bull rushes.  Using a mapping software such as Navionics can help you pinpoint locations on any lake to start working. 

New Lakes - Go Where People Are 

When working new lakes, you can go to where other people are.  Often they will push shacks where people typically find fish.

Resting Holes

When you drill a bunch of holes you make a lot of noise that can spook the fish.  After drilling holes work the one end of the area while the other rests.  When things have been quite for 10 or 15 minutes go back to them.  If you have spooked the fish, they may be back.

Small presentation for slow fish.  

When fishing is slow, use a small presentation.  When fishing is hot, use something larger.  For example I will use a small tungsten jig with a waxy when the fishing is slow.  When fishing is hot, maybe I switch to a frosty spoon and a minnow. 

Legend of the Bike

Jeff talk's about the time when he was 5 and won a Legion ice fishing contest on McCarrons lake.  The sunfish was as big as my hand, but a five year old has pretty small hands.  It was good enough to win a 10 speed bike.  Many years later I was old enough to ride the bike.

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