Jeff and Jason talk about the recent fishing shows they attended.  Jeff attended the big one, the St. Paul ice fishing show. Jason attended a show at Hanks bait in Waterloo Iowa.  Overall Jeff saw some cool gear, and Jason learned a bunch.

Here is a link to Hanks bait.


Ice Show Gear

Here are a few items that I saw at the ice fishing show.


Fish Daddy

I got two different lures from Fish daddy outdoors.

Jig Flare - this is a jigging spoon with a gren led light. Also the dirty bomb which is a spoon with a built in led light.


Bucket Hoodie

This is a cover for your bucket so that you can keep your stuff from getting tangled with your other stuff.  Also has a great handle to carry with.


Slip Lock Bobber - Clearly outdoors

I picked up some unique slip bobbers at the show.   No need to cut your hook to put your slip bobber on and off. For more information see the webpage.










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