Jeff and Jason talk about how to keep warm when the mercury dips below -40 Fahrenheit. 


Fishing Report

The polar vortex has kept me off the ice for the past two weekends, but hopefully this podcast is coming straight from the ice this week.  


Cole from Iowa sent us some awesome pictures of fishing on Okoboji and Big Spirit in North West Iowa. 

image1.png image3.png


Gear - How to Dress for extreme cold

We talked about how we dress for the extreme cold.  As always we use layers, below is an example of how I layer for a cold day.



1. Base Layer-IE long johns

2. then shirt

3. then fleece

4. Jacket


Other items that I find essential when fishing in extreme cold.

Hand warmers

These are great when you have been fishing all day and have to pull tip ups.  I will usually open them up to get them activated then pull my tip ups.  When I get on the sled to ride back to the cabin I will put them in my gloves to warm up my cold fingers. 

Feet warmers

I use toe warmers in my boots on cold days or no matter how good my boots are my toes get cold.

Fleece pants

I bought these fleece pants, well bibs, from Ebay. They were less than 20 bucks and they make a great layer under my bibs.


Warm socks, but not so thick that they scrunch in my boots.  Not enough air space will make my feed cold.


Water proof boots with as high of Thinsulate grams you can buy.  I have some Cabela's boots that are so big I can not really drive my car with them on.  But on extreme cold days you be happy to have these Frankenstein boots.


A mask to cover every inch of skin on super cold days.


Need some goggles to cover your eyes.

Big mittens

I always go for big mittens over gloves.




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