Jeff and Jason talk about Burbot and interview Matthew Breuer from North country guide service about fishing for Burbot aka eel pout.  Matthew was kind enough to give our podcast a few minutes of time.  Thanks Matthew.

(I did an update to the audio after the first version, the first version had Jason to quiet.)


Matthew Jason and I talked about how to fish for clean and eat Burbot. 

For more information about Matthew or about north country guide service go to.

During our interview, Matthew mentioned a specific lure from big nasty lures called the trout and pout spoon.  You can find it here.


Here are a couple videos that Matt told us about, on how to clean eel pout from the outdoor report.


Fishing Report

Jeff got out on a few local lakes and caught some tiny perch and a small hammer handle northern.  You can see them on the Instagram page if you would like.

We also added some great pictures to Instagram from Ian who fishes for trout in Northwest Wyoming.



We talked about a few different new gear items in the podcast.  

40volt strike master   

Let the auger wars begin


Eskimo Outbreak

The door on this looks really cool.  YOu cont have to trip over your hub shack anymore.












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