Jeff and Jason are joined by Ole and Dave.  We recap our fishing weekend at devils lake and the hard water invitational 20th anniversary.

Jeff and Jason talk about what food to bring out on the ice when fishing.  We also interview Andy Clayburn from Fish daddy lures.  

Jeff and Jason talk about fish finders and wheel houses during the third week of January 2019. Fishing Report I was out on Mille Lacs last weekend and...View Details

S2E6 - Panfish Tactics

 Jeff and Jason Talk Panfish Tactics Gear Big nasty pout and trout - Glowing and big Generator Catch Covers Jason - Pistol Bit ice auger Jeff - aquavi...View Details

Jeff and Jason talk about  Gadgets, Gizmos and Contraptions, homemade ice fishing gear.   Definition Gadget/Gizmo - Something you buy Contraption- Som...View Details

Jeff and Jason talk about Burbot and interview Matthew Breuer from North country guide service about fishing for Burbot aka eel pout.  Matthew was kin...View Details

Jeff and Jason talk about the recent fishing shows they attended.  Jeff attended the big one, the St. Paul ice fishing show. Jason attended a show at ...View Details

Jeff and Jason talk Fishing Line & Yachts Its the Fifth week of November 2018   Beverages Jeff: Schell's Snowstorm Jason: Old Style (of course)   ...View Details

Jason and Jeff talk about early ice during the first week of November 2018. Tactics Fishing Report  There is no fishable ice yet, but its coming.   Sa...View Details

Jeff and Jason talk about a BBQ contest on Mille Lacs and discuss gear durability on lake of the woods.    Here is a nice walleye from my lake of the ...View Details

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